Email Marketing

Email marketing is something we consider to be a pillar of your overall marketing strategy. This is because all of your customers have an email address, and utilizing email marketing gives you access to your customers without having to pay a third party. For virtually every other advertising medium, you need to either pay the Cable Company, Google, the Post Office, or the Billboard company for access to their customers. With Email marketing, all you have to pay for is your time, and perhaps a small fee for having a company like Joey compose and design the content.

Once designed, an Email marketing template can be used over and over again, providing value long into the future. The only challenge is collecting the email addresses in the first place. We can help you come up with an effective email marketing strategy.

  • Segwik Records
  • $300 - $600
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Email Marketing Strategy
Targeting Capabilites:
  • Geographic Reach
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Income
  • Education


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