Video Production


The Influence of Video

It's common knowledge that video is the predominant media influencer of human behavior around the world. Studies show that the average American watches up to 5 hours of TV and at least 23 minutes of online video per day. See here and here.

With so many people watching so much video, your business is missing a HUGE opportunity if including video production isn't part of your overall marketing strategy. Video production has also been proven to be a significant factor in the ranking of your website in search engines. This is mainly because Google ranks websites on a large variety of things, ultimately trying to determine which sites have good content. There is no better type of content than video content.

Add Some Creation and Innovation

Ultimately it is your decision to determine what type of video is best for your business. Our expert staff of creative producers can help you craft the right message to be conveyed. Join us for a complimentary creative meeting where we'll have a lot of fun coming up with awesome ideas. Brainstorming and collaboration brings about creation and innovation. You may be surprised that our ideas can be produced at a price that you can afford. Here at the The Joey Creative Agency, we are capable of producing all sorts of video productions, from interview videos, to animations and characters, to typographic videos, to 3D graphics and more.

Giving Your Business the Spotlight It Deserves

At The Joey Creative Agency, we are expert video producers. Our clients are all small businesses who have chosen to not appear small! TV Commercials (for TV and Online) Longform Web Videos, Digital Animation Videos, Whiteboard Videos, Interview Videos and more! You work with us and we'll work with you.


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