Web Development

User Experience

A great website has the power to really impact your customer and move them toward an action. That's the goal of all good websites is to make a great impression. Your customers are getting used to more engaging experiences and professionally designed user interfaces on the web. If your website doesn't keep up with what your customers expect, customers will begin to notice.

Marketing Tool

We like to think of our clients' websites as their "home-base". Every other marketing activity eventually ends up affecting the website. Your website is possibly your most important marketing tool, and you shouldn't forget thinking of that. Those that do, lose customers... period.

Publisher of Content

Increasingly SEO is driven, not by link backs or other tricks, but by "10x content" The goal is no longer "good and unique content", rather the goal is now "10x content". What this means is that your content has to be 10 times as good as what your competitor is producing, otherwise what will be the point of them sharing it and getting other people to share it. If your customer finds better content on someone else's site, that's who's going to receive all the best traffic and link backs.

  • Fits with brand personality
  • Has a modern design
  • Has a strong call to action
  • Has an easy-to-use content management admin
  • Has contact information visible and clear
  • Has proper 'on-site' SEO
  • Has web traffic analytics installed
  • Incorporates brand logo
  • Is mobile responsive
  • Up-to-date information
  • You can easily update content
  • $2,500 - $25,000
  • Scope of creative
  • Number of pages and/or sections
  • Complexity of coding
  • Content management system type
  • Website type (eCommerce/no eCommerce)
  • Integration of plugins


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