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What we do

Every business owner should be the fearless leader of their company, a great way to take that giant step forward is by sitting down for an interview-style video. Help set the tone and personality of the brand you've worked so hard to build. In a video like this the business owner and/or any additional designated representatives has a conversation in which one person (the interviewer) solicits information from another person (the subject or interviewee). The interview is then edited into an engaging and interesting final video.

We'll be getting one or more of your favorite customers on screen to star in a 1 to 2 minute video letting the viewing public know about your story. They'll say how they came to you and what you did for them. We shoot scenes of them talking to an interviewer, usually off-screen, interacting with you, enjoying your product or service, or simply enjoying life.

How we do it

We start with a session of pre-production were we lay out our game plan. We go over what's needed to be said, the style, the shots, and all other considerations. We create our storyboard together. Joey has a skilled crew and the right equipment to capture the footage what we envisioned, and we deliver a video back in usually the next workweek. You're allowed as many edits as it takes to make you satisfied.

Why choose Joey

We've made some pretty awesome videos in our relatively short history. We have made first-time spokesmen and spokeswomen for AheadInk, Worldwide Carpet, and many more. There's a fun little challenge in every project we do, and you get us at our most vibrant when we get to create a commercial for you. This genre of commercial is also very popular with audiences, letting them know of a real satisfied person who can vouch for you.

We are your best bet for marketing because we are well connected, affordable, and we make good results. No other agency has such a diverse network as ours. We are responsible for strategizing campaigns for food vendors, law firms, schools, restaurants, contractors, and computer repair services to name a few. 

  • We are very experienced with the local New Jersey scene. Being locals ourselves, we know where your audience looks, listens, and spends its time. If you are a business based in the New Jersey or New York City area, then you want to relate to your customer by displaying the messages of community, availability, and relevance to their daily life. We are experts in that image.
  • Critics love us. We get our clients’ customers to rave about them on social media time and time again, and our videos have won awards. NJ Ad Club has named us the best New Jersey advertising agency for the 2016 year, and our television and web video content have won awards in 2014 and 2012.

Our philosophy

When we see a commercial, we don't want paid actors who act like satisfied customers. We want real, bonafide customers who are so compelled to endorse you on screen. Doing so will make you much popular with your customer base.

Put very simply, we want you to succeed. The world rethinks its ways of communicating so quickly that it is sometimes hard to get anyone to hear your message. We put our talents to the task of continuously looking at how people communicate, and how we all learn about our own neighborhoods, or how we come to get our news of the world. As a business, your focus should be on services or products that are of use to others, so that we can lead better lives. This is precisely our service of course: to inform the public of your efforts with efficiency and professional wisdom. Whatever the size of your business or the size of your goals, we know that you deserve an edge!

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