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Off Market Real Estate

What is Off Market Real Estate?

A property that is available to an exclusive group of buyers without publicly advertising the listing. Off market real estate caters to the real estate investors allowing for individualized transactions that are beneficial to both buyer and seller.



Benefits of Off-Market Real Estate


Off-Market Properties are exclusive

Listing and buying off market properties allows for unique needs of the discerning investors. For example, you can list a tenant occupied property on the Portal to test the market for pricing without displacing your tenant.

Maximizing Your Profits

When listing through the MLS, an investor may see lost revenues by displacing their tenants. You may need to spend extra monies in repairs, marketing or staging your property for open houses. Selling your Investment with tenants in place to other investors removes these losses.


An in-place tenant leads to better negotiations

It is advantageous for the seller to be able to maintain steady rental income during the transaction. The buying investor prefers a tenant with good payment history; it helps secure a mortgage and it reduces the anxiety of trying to find a tenant on day one.

Seller has more leverage to negotiate broker’s fee

Listing with the Off Market Portal secures access to a large and growing database of real estate investors. Brokers concentrate their efforts on advertising to these select buyers which reduces traditional marketing costs.  This gives the seller room to negotiate the brokers fee.    


Make Use of 1031 Exchange

Simply put, a 1031 exchange is a tax deferment. You can use it when selling an investment property and defer the capital gains tax to purchase a new investment. An off-market transaction will allow you the flexibility of time to individualize the deal and close on the new investment.