Advertising Music Production

What we do

We engage with the world around us by using our 5 senses that are even more true for modern-day consumers. At Joey, we want to make sure your brand comes to life. Sound plays such a pivotal role in establishing the tone of our brand with your customer. Think about the upbeat feel-good music in the latest Walgreens commercials or perhaps the P.C. Richards “whistle.” Your brand deserves the best soundtrack that can complement the beautiful visual aesthetics of your advertisement. 

Joey produces high-quality advertising musical pieces, sometimes called "jingles". These can give your Internet videos or TV commercials a unique and memorable quality that will set you apart from your competitors. We are musicians at Joey, and we have a substantial network of talent. The tune we craft for your brand will be world class. A musical jingle can stay with a potential customer until they become a purchasing customer. Jingles don't have to be annoying! We make them catchy.

How we do it

We produce top-quality jingles and music for our clients by understanding the deep messaging our clients are striving for and bringing it to life. From composing a jingle from scratch or pulling inspiration from a current pop culture song, there are a variety of ways we can create music for your ad. We are able to compose lyrics and music, hire musicians and singers, and produce the music in our professional recording studios.

From classical and jazz to rock, hip-hop or even salsa, there's nothing that we cannot do. But, regardless of the inception, the whole process begins in the studio, with our highly skilled audio technicians and music experts. Our team will work hard to ensure that your brand's tone of voice comes alive in the music.

Why choose Joey

All of the staff at Joey care about the music we put out in the world, as do our talented contacts. It's required to produce high-quality advertising music at a cost that you can afford. Our jingles are always catchy, and represent your brand in a fun and exciting way.

Our philosophy

We believe that small businesses deserve the level of uniqueness and "stickiness" that has generally been reserved for the "big" advertisers. Commercial music has a nostalgic glory that deserves to continue today.

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