Trifold Design

What we do

Combining text and photography, brochures are a fantastic way of presenting your business or product. This print is easy to hand out or to present in lobbies or convention floors. From an eye-catching cover or the compelling information inside, a brochure gives the customer a reminder of your business. We here at Joey want to design you the best brochure that gets people reading, talking, and calling you.

Any message can be easily conveyed with a smart, stylish trifold design. Your logo, contact information, or mission statement can all feature in a convenient trifold brochure. At Joey our designers can help you creative an informative trifold for all your business needs.

How we do it

There is a way to take your brand home to your customers in a cost effective manner though brochures. You can have us fill them with your philosophy and message, your what, how, and why. It's a condensed and friendly package that your customers can share.

Why choose Joey

We like to keep a brand consistent, extending to your printed material. Joey wants your whole experience with your company to be just what your customer is looking for, neatly placed with knowledge of what people want to know before they make a decision. This is our approach to all brochures.

Our philosophy

There is something to be said about the elevator pitch. When you can persuade the indifferent person with a short introduction, you should be spreading the message far and wide. Brochures are the passive messengers of your business, able to persuade passers by at any time.

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