Food Photography

What we do

“Foodies” have taken the internet by storm, but not every blogger with a smartphone can capture the beauty of your restaurant's signature dish! At Joey, we want to help entice your potential customers with high-quality food photography that will showcase every delicious detail. We will make your food look consistent throughout all your marketing channels, from your printed menu to your website and even those ads in your local magazine. We will make your food shine!  

Signature dish? We want to see it! You will receive high-quality photos of your tasty food can entice potential customers the only way Joey knows how. We are very visual creatures, after all. If you would like a shoot with pro lighting, high-resolution camera, and very high standards, then come work with us. These perfect images of your dishes will be worth their pixels in gold for years to come.

How we do it

We will work with your restaurant staff to ensure the dishes are prepared with the utmost attention to detail. If necessary we will maneuver food items on the plate and find the best angles for presentation. With various amounts of lights and high fidelity lenses, we will capture the taste on camera, so that your potential customers can almost taste it!

In a 1-3 hour session, prepare your food items on a clean, nice surface. If you cannot provide the venue, then we will book one for you. Prepare your food in an aesthetic and photogenic manner. We use lights and high-fidelity lenses to capture every good inch of your dishes. We promise that the picture will capture the taste. 

Why choose Joey

With Joey you get a great deal on high quality results and professional care towards your product. We can edit to your taste, no trouble at all. Every shot and every still we make, we keep, and you can count on us to fill your website and social media with mouthwatering images of your product with out you having to do anything more. The best part is that it's all yours.

Our philosophy

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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