Headshot Production

What we do

A call or email is fine; but sometimes a client could use a face. Realtors, freelancers, or similar kinds of agents can and do benefit from just the addition of headshots in their branding and their correspondance. Our photographers at Joey help by providing you with a professional headshot that looks great from any screen. Look friendly, look professional, look well put together! We are here to sell you.

How we do it

You are treated as repected talent in our sessions.

  • We schedule and produce pleasing portraits of your team, owners, or customers. In our sessions we practice pre-production to make pur sessions smooth, fast, and to everyone's liking.
  • We offer high resolution photos and even Red camera rental, so that your headshots are suffiecient for business cards and billboards.
  • We touch up or edit your shots as needed.

Why choose Joey

As a company obessesed with good impressions, we want to get you noiticed, and we want you to get positive attention. Your audience demands certain standards. In the time that you take to learn and attempt good lighting practices, or to obtain a camera, you can have a set of excellent photgraphs that are good the first time, and you don't have to break the bank to get them.

Our philosophy

It's no secret that people seek a trustworty face. Honest, non-stock photographs are known to build trust with clients, especially new ones. We wish to help you improve these relationships and begin new ones. Trust on business helps everyone.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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