Animated Video Production

What we do

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique style or creative flair? The Joey Creative Agency provides all manner of digital animation including character animation, motion graphics, and titling sequences. 

Utilizing animation, Joey can market your product or service in ways that might be difficult, expensive, or face it, boring to shoot in live action. Thankfully, with animation, and our production team at Joey, the possibilities are endless!

How we do it

We do what we do by providing a single point of contact who is highly experienced at both customer and project management, but is also highly creative. This person provides our "big agency" quality of service with a personalization only possible within small businesses. We have a large team of qualified producers, writers, animators, sound designers and creative directors. As your marketing department, this team goes to work for you.

Why choose Joey

Choose Joey for your animated video production because, amongst its peers, Joey provides a level of creativity, client, and project management that is unsurpassed. Our team of experienced After Effects and Maya digital designers have created character animation, elemental animation, and amazing title sequences. You simply cannot get this level of customer care anywhere else. 

Our philosophy

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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