Business Card Scanning

What we do

We love our business card scanners. You should check them out, too! Lend us your collection of business cards, and we will compile your contacts into an easy to search directory of names, addresses, and photos. We will send a file or package of files in JPEG or PDF format for your convenience.

How we do it

An easy way of maintaining and organizing your business contacts is through business card scanning. We at Joey offer the unique service of digitizing and managing an easily searched and accessible library of business cards in order to keep your contacts organized.

Why choose Joey

Do you have a good system to store your cards? Have you ever lost any? With our service, you can safely store your contacts' cards on any computer, or online. It's a simple service that's readily available to you.

Our philosophy

We're almost to the advent of a post-business card society. But, for the time being, we love giving out physical cards, so we are going to bridge the technology gap for you.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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