Third-Party Software Exporting

What we do

Our CRM is robust enough to take many formats. Even if your format is obscure, you can refer to us to do your data entry. We perform manual exporting of your consumer lists into our format at request.

How we do it

Some data formats used by third-party software is just not popular enough to warrant an automated system, but it's no problem for our team. We are capable of figuring it all out. Your satisfaction is what we cherish most. Request a service if you have data that's giving your problems.

Why choose Joey

Switching to Joey and Segwik won't mean that we'll leave you with problems. Whatever issues you have coming in we'll solve. That's our mantra. Fixing holes in your data is no issue for us. We'll get to work on it right away.

Our philosophy

We don't expect you to conform to anything if you don't want to. We push to make our client service excellent, which goes to making sure that our service gets the job done.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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