CRM Migration

What we do

Already have a CRM system in place? We can easily and safely migrate all of your CRM data to the SEGWIK system. Segwik can analayze all of your mobile, social, and web-based CRM so that you have a complete view of the working relations between your customers and you. You will be able to see where people are discovering you, what's working, and what's not. Migrating your CRM with us will clarify the results of your marketing campaigns with us.

How we do it

Being your marketing department means that we will keep track of your customers. We have a cloud-based CRM system built into our Segwik service that will fit your web, mobile, and social media needs. Where you're moving fully to us or keeping with another vendor, you can trust us to integrate your data with the rest of your plan.

Why choose Joey

Using Segwik's CRM mode gives you the advantage of easy access and if/then logic to use in your web and publications. It also makes managing your CRM much easier for us. Complete migration of data to Segwik is guaranteed.

Our philosophy

It's always better to condense your workspace and keep things simple.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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