Branding Audit

A fun and eye-opening question and answer session discussing how you want your company to be perceived in the market. How do you feel about your firm – messaging and imagery, and how does that translate into things like a website, logo, brochure etc...We also take critical stock of your marketing arsenal, figuring out in what areas is shoring up necessary.

What we do

In this consultative 2-3 hour session we look into the what, how, and why of your brand. After understanding where your brand stands, we can work with you as a client on a path forward in either rebuilding your brand or expanding it. We at Joey have seen some companies absolutely blow up with customers after rethinking how they brand themselves. A fresh audit is the remedy to the ever changing tastes of the world. 

How we do it

It's in this consultive session that we evaluate all of your existing collateral to find out where improvement can be made.  Perhaps you need to stop selling ALL of your products up front, or just focus on the 4 "onboarding services."  The branding audit will remain just an audit, whereas you may choose that the next thing won't be us just diving into web development, but rather a brand building and rebranding effort.

Why choose Joey

Can you determine the net effect of your efforts to advertise to the world? What did it all do for you? Our insight can show you your stance in your market and recommend good paths to take, based on our knowledgebase and the experience of other clients. You stand to benefit from each client we take in, and we are the fastest growing marketing firm in the area.

Our philosophy

Don't get sidetracked. Many business owners have the problem of "forest for the trees" mentality. All markets are forever in fluid change, including your own. You have to stay in flux as well, by updating your big picture of you business regularly. You need an outside observer that's on your side.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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