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With such an enormous user base, social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are untapped gold mines for brand promotion and engagement. Social media is one of the things that equally inspires in the mind of our clients, awe, confusion, and headaches. It is understandable that confusion exists. This is because every social media site comes with it its own features and personality. Clients are at a loss for what to do with each social media community, and there is no shortage of communities of which to become a member. With all of these annoyances, however, comes success if utilized properly and efficiently. 

While it is true that there are many social media communities, each with their own personality, it is not imperative that each social media site be a high priority for your specific business. It is possible to prioritize which communities will be most effective for your marketing and prioritize those, while minimizing your resources dedicated toward social media sites that are less important to your business. 

For example, you may find that your brand personality really fits the short, punchy 140-characters-or-less format of Twitter, more than Facebook. Or you may sell an ornately-designed physical product, whose image is perfect for Pinterest, but doesn't require video like Instagram. The Joey Creative Agency can help you decide which social media communities would best help you reach your business goals.

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